Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will the Real Bigfoot Please Stand Up?

So, there’s a hurricane in the Gulf, we leave to India next week, and I’m writing about Bigfoot. That sounds right about normal. We won’t mention my dreams of my friends the Lwa, but you get the idea.

It was revealed last week that the two gentlemen claiming to have captured Bigfoot and placed it in a large ice cooler were hucksters, propagating a less-than-compelling hoax upon the unsuspecting American public. Really? C’mon

So you mean to tell me two guys from the sticks didn’t manage to capture Bigfoot? That they failed to accomplish what no Explorer, Expedition Leader, Sherpa, Mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary, Backpacker, Hiker, Hunter, Soldier, Television Show, Reality Show, Journalist or other person has ever done? Duh!

Its always good to be a skeptic. You should always check your information. There’s a lot of gray areas when we deal with Social Sciences such as Humanities, Anthropology, and Archaeology. You should verify your sources. Some authors will actually appropriate cultural symbology and pass it off as their own. Worse, is when authors make up entire accounts of countries they’ve never been to, and fabricate the work of healers that don’t exist. Not only are they stealing another’s culture, they’re purposefully misleading. Its basically cultural theft combined with Plastic Shamanism.

There was no Walkabout in Australia, that yielded a Mutant Message. There’s no Sisterhood of the Shields, and there was no Don Juan. All these are invented shamans and fictional accounts. Which takes away from the real shamanic work and the sacrifice of real shamanic practitioners, who work to sustain indigenous culture and sacred religious traditions.

Please, do your research. Find out about shamans and indigenous healing traditions. Explore your world. But, don’t believe everything you see or hear . . .

- Omar W. Rosales

P.S. If you see Bigfoot, tell him I’ll meet him at that Fancy Restaurant called “I-HOP”

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