Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the Road Again!

In two weeks, I’ll be back on the road for the book tour. Its exciting, fun, and I get the chance to visit really cool places. Some of the upcoming stops include New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. I’ll also get to visit mysterious places like Nawlins (New Orleans) Voudou Shops, Marfa, Texas (home of the Marfa lights), and Roswell, NM (hanging out with my peeps The GreyBoys).

The coolest part of the tour is always talking with readers. And at every stop, I have at least 3-4 people come up to me and say, “Yes, I’ve seen ghosts too!” or “Once I had a precognitive dream” and “Yes, I get messages from Dreams!”

So, it seems that the phenomena is more common than uncommon. ESP, Psi-abilities, precognition happen all the time. But for whatever reason, we choose to ignore it, or not tell anyone about it, or what-not. We’re afraid about what others may say or we fear society’s response.

However, I would say that psychic abilities are an evolutionary trait, that helped the species to survive and thrive. Moreover, as we expand our consciousness, our bodies evolve as well. The mind creates brain chemistry and neural pathways, not the other way around. Psychic abilities, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience – all these traits, all these characteristics are what it means to be human.

So, welcome to the human engine. The future is now!

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Omar W. Rosales

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Hello Everyone and Welcome once Again! Today is Earth Day, a time to take action and improve the quality of life on the Planet. Elemental Shaman has also been out for two weeks! I would like to thank everyone for supporting the Novel. Its been an amazing journey. Here are some Earth Day thoughts:


What an interesting article. I think that this century, we'll see a definite shift in our perception of the Earth, and how our day-to-day decisions directly impact the Earth and our environment. Recent news stories detail how thousands of tons of pharmaceuticals are dumped into water treatment systems, but also how definite improvements are being made in water quality, air quality, etc. Imagine how many jobs would be created if we implemented nationwide recycling programs to harvest used aluminum, plastic, glass, etc. Ultimately, the decisions rest with us.

When I was in Bhutan, the Manchen Lopon (High Buddhist Master) put it this way. When the Universe was created, the gods used the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. But the gods utilized wisdom and power. Human beings are now creating life, using the four elements. But humans want the Power, not the wisdom. So, we must be vigilant, lest we be destroyed by our own creations.

So Earth day, and everyday, is an opportune time to reflect that our decisions can make a difference. And that the Earth can be saved.

- Omar W. Rosales

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrific Tarot

One of the most important Shamanic abilities is divination. Divination is the ability to foretell the future. Shamans from around the world use various tools and techniques for divination. Some methods to foretell the future include runes, bones, scrying, meditation, and reading animals’ innards. Perhaps the most-widely used method for divination, today, is Tarot.

Pronounced (Tare-oh), a Tarot deck consists of 78 cards including the major arcana, the minor arcana, and four suits of cards numbered 2 to Ace (2-10, plus Jack, Knight, Queen, King, and Ace). Most will immediately recognize the similarity between a deck of Poker playing cards and a Tarot deck. This is because the Poker deck and most playing card games are derived from Tarot. So, when you are playing Poker, you’re actually reading your fortune!

The origins of Tarot are somewhat murky. Some authors claim that Tarot first began with the Egyptians or Ancient Sumerians. However, there’s no archaeological evidence to support this, nor have any Ancient Sumerians made themselves available for interview. Tarot first appeared in Europe in the mid-1300s. Known as Carte da Trionfi or Triumphs, the game of Tarot spread throughout Italy during the Renaissance. Eventually, the card game was adapted for divination purposes. So, apologies to those who would prefer a more sinister or mystical beginning to the Tarot deck, but it actually started off as a card game for European nobility.

We’ve noted the components of the Tarot deck – Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and 4 suits of Deuce through Ace. Typically the suits are Wands, Coins, Cups, and Swords. But of particular interest is the Major Arcana. The progression of the Major Arcana is also known as the Journey of the Fool. It is quite interesting because the Major Arcana corresponds nicely with the archetypal Hero’s Journey as defined by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.

The Journey of the Fool begins at CARD 0, which of course is, the Fool. The next card is the Magician, symbolic of possibilities. Along the way, the subject encounters obstacles, does away with old ways of thinking, harnesses new abilities, and completes the journey to the cosmos with CARD XXI – The World. So, the Journey of the Fool (also known as the Major Arcana) is the symbolic and allegorical representation of a Spiritual Journey or a Voyage to Enlightenment.

As far as individual Tarot readings, no one method of having cards read is better than the other. The difference will always be with the experience and competence of the reader. It’s the interpretation that’s important, not the actual symbols. Some Tarot readers and psychics don’t even utilize the images on the cards to convey meaning, but rather use the rhythm of the Tarot to tune-in to the querant’s energy and auric field. (As an aside, the person who lays/reads the Tarot deck is the Reader and the person who asks questions or who is obtaining a reading is the querant.)

Some questions about Tarot that often come up are 1) What does the Tarot mean?, 2) What is the significance of the Devil Card? (cue the spooky music), 3) What does the Death card mean? First, Tarot is like a series of signposts. You should never allow a signpost to rule your life. But if it’s a persistent message, you should probably heed it. So, Tarot can mean everything, but Tarot can also mean nothing. Simply, its what you make of it.

Second, what is the significance of the Devil card? The Devil card symbolizes Materialism or being a slave to base or materialistic desires. Its not an actual Devil. If the Tarot reader starts to say that they see tremendous darkness around you and they can remove it for $$$$, leave immediately! The reader is a fraud.

So, if you’re having a Tarot reading and see the Devil card, don’t panic. Its just a reminder not to become a slave to materialism. The other mysterious card is the Death card. Automatically, when a person sees this card, the next question is, “Who is dying? Is it me?”. And the answer is, of course not! You’re not dying.

The Death Card symbolizes a possible end or change of state. Most life comes from the death of something. New flowers and pine trees, grow only after a fire has scorched a forest. A new life, such as a baby or marriage, comes only after old ways have been eliminated. So, an unexpected ending often welcomes a new beginning. In short, there is nothing to fear.

That’s a fairly decent review of the Tarot. If you have any questions, just email me at omar@elementalshaman.com.

- Omar W. Rosales

Monday, February 9, 2009

Poverty for Sale - We are not Dogs!!!

Recently, protests erupted in India over the screenings of the hit movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Slumdog is the Academy-Award Nominated film by Director Danny Boyle and showcases a cast of relative newcomers against the backdrop of modern-day India.

Gritty, realistic, and visceral, Slumdog traces the adventures of Jamal Malik as he attempts to find the love of his life and solve the final question to India’s version of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. A Dickensian tale, Slumdog is a rags-to-riches story that includes historical accounts and dramatized scenes of life in India’s slums.

I very much liked Slumdog Millionaire. I thought the Cinematography was excellent, along with the performances of the actors. Danny Boyle did an outstanding job of bringing to the screen the difficult life in India’s slums. Boyle is also well-known for other hits including Trainspotting and Millions.

With regard to the protests, I think we should be sensitive to other cultures, particularly the suffering of other individuals. However, I also think that art should be provocative. By definition, art should stir and motivate the soul. If a piece of art cannot elicit a response from a viewer, then it fails. The art is now nothing more than a convocation of materials.
I don’t think the Producers or the Director of Slumdog meant any harm to anyone by its depiction of life in India. I think the scenes help to establish the milieu and are device for the storyteller (the Director) to get the point across.

That being said, we acknowledge the protestors’ viewpoints, but we posit that Slumdog is not meant to disrespect India, but is a celebration of life and potentialities.

- Omar W. Rosales

Monday, November 3, 2008

Marine Air - One call Does it All

By: Omar W. Rosales

I’ve taken several weeks off the blog, catching up with work and finishing a Trailer. Recently, I came across a stunning photo of a V-22 Osprey. Wow! What a cool shot.

The V-22 is a medium lift tiltrotor aircraft that’s designed to replace the aging fleet of CH-46 helicopters. The V-22, or Osprey, has the unique ability to take off like a helicopter, then tilt its rotors and fly like a plane. This gives the Osprey increased range and higher altitude capabilities.

Flying in Marine helicopters was always fun. I never felt safer in the air, than with Marine pilots and Marine aircrew, flying in Marine aircraft. As safe as it is, its also very dangerous. My good friend Jerry died in a helicopter crash, while flying a combat mission in Iraq.

This demonstrates that war is indiscriminate, taking precious lives of both young and old, feeble and strong, brave and the not-so-brave. Ultimately, war is perhaps humankind’s most terrible and destructive invention.

Yet peace comes from within. If our leaders have inner peace, they are less likely to find conflict with those around them and then exacerbate fragile situations. Without inner peace, there is constant turmoil. War within, leads to war without.

Next week, we’ll look at the Final Realization of Buddhism – that we are more connected than we believe and that the Buddha-mind is the ultimate transcendant point of consciousness.

- Omar W. Rosales

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Afternoon with the Dalai Lama

By: Omar W. Rosales

So anyways - the day of the meeting. We arrive at about 11AM. The morning teaching program has just ended, so we wander past the crowds from the monastery, until we reach the reception center.

Once inside, I tell the guards of our appointment, and they call Tenzin Takla (the Dalai Lama's Nephew and scheduler). As we're waiting, a girl comes in followed by her boyfriend. She appears hysterical and is making all sorts of weird singing noises, like she's in some sort of ecstatic trance. Bill gives her some water, and she collapses into her boyfriend's arms.

The day before, in the reception area, was a woman claiming to be a French Diplomat, and wanting to see His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt, spandex, and crocs. Yeah right. Note to self, if you claim to be a diplomat, don't show up at the Embassy in Spandex and Crocs. So, the Spandex woman shoves her passport and business card into the guard's face. "Look - diplomat! See my card?". Note to self numero 2, if you are a diplomat, the office should already be expecting you. No way, you're just going to show up and demand to see His Holiness.

So back to the day of our interview, we're waiting in the office with the hysterical girl, then the guards motion us in. After several searches, we're cleared to enter the compound. No cellphones.

We walk a short path up to the Treaty House. I call it the Treaty House, because it looks like Peace Accords are signed here. Three rooms, a big conference room, and a small kitchen. The guards (Indian-trained Tibetan commandos) have already brought our cameras and sound gear up. Inside the conference room are two of the biggest monks I've ever seen. One is 6'3" 220lbs and the other is 6'1" 210 lbs, solid. The big monks ask if we need to rearrange furniture. The bigger one (probably nicknamed "Tiny") manhandles a solid wood table, without even breaking a sweat . . . and after a few moments of rearranging, the room is ready. Cameras are set up. Roll film, roll sound.

After a couple of minutes, Tenzin Takla walks in. I speak with him for a moment. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, is on the way.

Bill is changing something on one of the cameras last minute, when all of a sudden, the Dalai Lama walks in.

He's tall! He's about 5'9", but a bit hunched over a bit because of his back. We sit down. The Dalai Lama mikes himself, sound check and we're off.

I speak to His Holiness about my questions, about my dreams. I tell him about our program, and he nods. It was amazing.

It was amazing! After 40 minutes, all my questions were answered. We spoke about Global Warming and Cloning. The Buddha and Nirvana. And culture, why its important to preserve culture.

At the very end, he stands so that we may all take a picture with him. He then approaches me, close. The Lord Buddha clasped my hand, with his. "Holiness" I say. "Please don't leave us. We love you too much." He says, "Don't worry, I have no plans to leave. Not just yet." The Dalai Lama smiled. And the Lord Buddha's hand provided me comfort.

I presented him our gift. A new Swiss Army knife with Barometer, Altimeter, Temperature, Time, and an LED light. (His Holiness the Dalai Lama collects Swiss Army knives and timepieces). He thanked me, then put the gift in his monk's bag, underneath the folds to his robe. We said our goodbyes. Then he left.

For five years, I traveled the world to find Spiritual Masters. High and low, from deserts to oceans, I've risked my life to find Messages for Humanity. Inner Peace, the Environment, and the search for our immortal souls. And you know what? The final realization is that you don't have to go to India, or Central America, or anywhere else to find comfort. The secret to Heaven lies within. That's what the Buddha taught me . . .

And that was the second time I met His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

- Omar W. Rosales

Sunday, September 21, 2008

From India, With Love

We're in India right now, completing the second half of "Heaven in Exile", our Feature about the Tibetan Issue, 50 years after the Chinese Invasion of 1959.

Dharamsala is amazing. Its unlike anyother place on Earth.

I'll post some pics soon . . . when I figure out how to use this large silver wafer, with a glowing apple on it.

The food is excellent - mutton (lamb), chicken, and lots of curry. Will post more soon . . .

- Omar W. Rosales