Monday, June 16, 2008

The Future is Here! Hydrogen Cars Arrive . . .

Monday, June 16th brought us an unexpected surprise. Honda announced the release of its Hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity. The Clarity is a concept-car made reality. Fueled by Hydrogen, its byproducts are oxygen, heat, and water.

Stylish and roomy, the Clarity provides us a glimpse of what the cars of the future may look like. Available only in SoCal, near the areas of Torrance and Santa Monica, the Clarity is being offered for the lease price of $600 per month.

Its always a good idea to do things that help the environment, from recycling plastic bags and cans, to buying recycled paper towels. Buddhists tell us that the Universe is made up of four elements – Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. And as we grow in technological prowess, we must maintain our commitment to our planet. Lest our creations overcome us. Bravo Honda!

- OWR.

P.S. Our interview with Robert Thurman is posted here: