Monday, November 3, 2008

Marine Air - One call Does it All

By: Omar W. Rosales

I’ve taken several weeks off the blog, catching up with work and finishing a Trailer. Recently, I came across a stunning photo of a V-22 Osprey. Wow! What a cool shot.

The V-22 is a medium lift tiltrotor aircraft that’s designed to replace the aging fleet of CH-46 helicopters. The V-22, or Osprey, has the unique ability to take off like a helicopter, then tilt its rotors and fly like a plane. This gives the Osprey increased range and higher altitude capabilities.

Flying in Marine helicopters was always fun. I never felt safer in the air, than with Marine pilots and Marine aircrew, flying in Marine aircraft. As safe as it is, its also very dangerous. My good friend Jerry died in a helicopter crash, while flying a combat mission in Iraq.

This demonstrates that war is indiscriminate, taking precious lives of both young and old, feeble and strong, brave and the not-so-brave. Ultimately, war is perhaps humankind’s most terrible and destructive invention.

Yet peace comes from within. If our leaders have inner peace, they are less likely to find conflict with those around them and then exacerbate fragile situations. Without inner peace, there is constant turmoil. War within, leads to war without.

Next week, we’ll look at the Final Realization of Buddhism – that we are more connected than we believe and that the Buddha-mind is the ultimate transcendant point of consciousness.

- Omar W. Rosales