Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Hello Everyone and Welcome once Again! Today is Earth Day, a time to take action and improve the quality of life on the Planet. Elemental Shaman has also been out for two weeks! I would like to thank everyone for supporting the Novel. Its been an amazing journey. Here are some Earth Day thoughts:

What an interesting article. I think that this century, we'll see a definite shift in our perception of the Earth, and how our day-to-day decisions directly impact the Earth and our environment. Recent news stories detail how thousands of tons of pharmaceuticals are dumped into water treatment systems, but also how definite improvements are being made in water quality, air quality, etc. Imagine how many jobs would be created if we implemented nationwide recycling programs to harvest used aluminum, plastic, glass, etc. Ultimately, the decisions rest with us.

When I was in Bhutan, the Manchen Lopon (High Buddhist Master) put it this way. When the Universe was created, the gods used the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. But the gods utilized wisdom and power. Human beings are now creating life, using the four elements. But humans want the Power, not the wisdom. So, we must be vigilant, lest we be destroyed by our own creations.

So Earth day, and everyday, is an opportune time to reflect that our decisions can make a difference. And that the Earth can be saved.

- Omar W. Rosales