Monday, April 14, 2008

Question of the Week - Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Nope, I haven’t been lost in the Amazon rain forest, or spending a Walkabout near Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory of Australia. Actually busy with PrePro. Its like learning a completely different language. There’s a Grip, that doesn’t grip a thing because of the union, an artist that paints with sound (Foley), a Photography Director that uses no still cameras, and an Executive Producer that produces mainly headaches . . . Where’s my translator?!? Someone needs to make a Lonely Planet guide to the world of Film Production, now that would be a good book!

But really, I think we’re going to shift to a Monthly format for the Question of the Week or perhaps a Bi-Weekly Dispatch. Since we’re on the topic of books, people often ask, “What are good books about Psychic Ability and/or How do I increase my Psychic Skills?” (This is where the Sound Designer cues the Woo-ooo-OOOhhh space music, and the DP flashes a quick green card on the screen with white letters that read “Visualize Swirled Peas” and spins it a bit)

So, what are good books to increase your Psychic Ability?

One of my favorite books is “Psychic Living” by my good friend and fellow psychic Stacey Ann Wolf. Stacey was actually a producer for MTV Total Request Live for a bit, before she jumped headfirst into the psychic world. She lives in Manhattan, is very hip, and actually spent 30 minutes with me one day explaining the Ins-and-Outs of the NYC Subway system. Did I tell you she was really cool?

Anyways, the book explains basic psychic phenomena, but also gives you simple and easy exercises to follow. There’s a whole school of thought that actually compares ritual belief systems and whether or not a ritualized belief is more effective, if its more complex. The simple answer is no. It has nothing to do with complexity. It has to do with what you believe. If you believe that something requires 30 steps and non-stop ritual dance for 30 hours, then hooray. But if you believe that the same ritual can be done in 30 minutes, with 3 steps, then double-hooray. It really comes down yo your beliefs and auric/energetic field. (Sounds like another good book topic).

But, I definitely recommend this book, because its easy to read, its fun, and it subdues alot of the fear-based hocus-pocus nonsense out of the realm of spiritual work.

Another excellent book is Everyday Karma by my good friend and fellow author, Dr. Carmen Harra, Ph.D. Dr. Harra is a really neat lady. She’s from Romania, was a famous singer, and then decided to emigrate to the United States solely on dreams and intuition. At the age of 45, she started her Ph.D. Yes, started! She’s an amazing woman, a gifted psychic, and an inspiration to everyone.

Everyday Karma really breaks down the primary Universal Law of Karma. You cannot read this book, and not be changed. It will affect your performance at work, home, and school. But it will also make you ponder your interactions. After reading it, and living for a couple of weeks, you begin to wonder if there is some sort of tally sheet or invisible film crew following you around, because Wow! Karma is real. But Karma isn’t a burden . . . its an opportunity. A chance to really help those around you and improve the planet in very positive way.

The last book I recommend is by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. His Holiness (or HH) the Dalai Lama has written almost 30 books on Buddhism. But, one of the best has to be Path to Enlightenment.

Its very easy to read, extremely rich in character, and teaches the lessons of Buddhism in a very subtle way. I think it was only printed two hardbound editions. So, if you can find a First Edition hardbound copy, buy it. Its definitely a good book.

Well, back to the Unreal world of film and those finger sandwiches, made of white bread and some type of meat disguised as Tuna!

- O.

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