Monday, January 14, 2008

Question of the Week - Auras

The Question of the Week comes to us from Ignacio of Austin.

“What is an Aura?”

Good question Ignacio. An aura is the energy field that surrounds most living things. The color, shape, and type of the aura will vary according to the object being observed, as well as the health, and/or mood of that object. The aura is a projection of that object’s energy.

Aura phenomena also involves extra-sensory perception. An object will emit a particular type of energy field. The observer, whether it be a psychic, small child, or animal, will observe the aura and then make decisions about the object being observed. The ability to see an aura is atypical, since the auric field is usually outside of the visible spectrum of light. Hence observing the phenomena, requires extra-sensory perception.

The color and vibrancy of the aura can tell specific information, for example, a vibrant or strong aura will indicate that a person (or object) is healthy, centered, and calm. A weak aura, or a grey aura, will indicate someone that is ill or very energetically drained. An aura with holes will indicate someone who is imbalanced or under energetic attack. This type of aura may also indicate someone with a seriously compromised immune system. Its very unusual for a person to have holes in their aura, as the body’s natural energetic field will usually work to regenerate itself. The following is a partial list of auric colors and their meaning:

Red - Love
Green - Healthy
Yellow – Illness, disease
Brown - Fatigue, Tiredness
Blue – Energetic
Purple – Spiritual, Altruistic
Electric Blue – Highly Evolved, Spiritually Advanced
Bright White – Purity
Gold – Holy, Divinity

Examples of auras may be seen using Kirilan photography. There are a few sites on the internet that show how to see auras. I would recommend going outside, at about twilight or dusk. Go with a partner and have them stand about 5 feet away from you. Stand so that you’re not facing the sun, nor should your partner be illuminated by the sun. You should be sitting down, so you can concentrate. Now relax your mind, and look slightly past your partner. You should be able to see some sort of color field around them. Remember, you need to look past your partner and utilize your peripheral vision to see their aura. Now close your eyes for about 5 seconds. Relax your mind. Open your eyes and try again. The second time around, you should be better able to see your partner’s aura. And that’s how to see auras.

Personal experience: Most of the time animals and small children see auras easily. I personally try to make a difference in the world, each and everyday (even if its just one small act of kindness) and I always make a conscious effort to improve my karma. Its interesting, when I go to the grocery store and start shopping, there’s always a parent with a little kid in the child seat, and inevitably, the kid will turn towards me and smile. I always try to waive back. I want to believe this is a child’s ability to observe my aura and energy field.

Last note, you could also posit that the ability to perceive an aura is an evolutionary trait, particular to mammals, that helped mammals to survive in the Natural world. By being able to differentiate other mammals that were threats, from non-threats, the ability to detect energy fields was a beneficial genetic mutation, that eventually became a normal part of the gene pool.



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